how to place an order:

Claudio Santoro

A litte guide:

Please send us the following information to this e-mail:

1) your complete name and shipping address,
2) the exact name or the catalogue number and quantity of the works that you wish to purchase,
(example: 1.09 Frevo, piano €4.00)

Observation: works that you can purchase immediately: Other works may need more shipping time.

3) We send you via e-mail a final invoice that includes the shipping costs,
4) Forms of payment:

a) In Brazil (in [R$] Brazilian Real): [please contact us for this information]

b) In Europe (in [€] Euros): [please contact us for this information]

c) with PayPal  (accepts all major credit cards)
5) We will send you the music immediately after receiving confirmation of your payment.

For anymore questions just e-mail us: