Gisèle Santoro

foto de Gisèle Santoro

Gisèle Santoro - Mâitre de Ballet, Choreographer, Artistic Director of the Brasilia International Dance Seminar
Member of the Jury of the most important international competitions (Varna, Moscow, Paris, Osaka, Montevidéu, Houlgate, Garches, Evry). Gisèle Santoro is internationally known as Maître de Ballet, Pedagogue and Choreographer, having lectured and choreographed in Brazil, in Europe (Italy, Germany, France, Austria), in the United States (New York, Buffalo, Miami, Iowa, Los Angeles), in Australia (Melbourne, Sidney, Southampton) and in Paraguay, beyond Master Classes in Russia, Japan, and Uruguay.
Diplomat for the Classic Dance School of the Municipal Theater of Rio De Janeiro with only 3 years of study, being contracted for the Corp de Ballet. Pupil of Leda Iuqui, Nina Verchinina, Lennie Dale, Berta Rozanova and Mary Wigman (her last pupil), it was Eugênia Feodorova - when inviting her to enter the Brazilian Ballet Foundation, where she made post-graduation under her orientation - who exerted the greatest influence in her career.

Having lived for 10 years in Germany, she was Maître de Ballet of the Municipal Theater of Heidelberg for some years, besides directing 2 choreographic sets, sponsored by the City Hall of Schriesheim, and academies in that city as such us Speyer.

Returning to Brasilia, she established the Academy and the Chamber Ballet Gisèle Santoro, that performed successfully in several cities of the country. In 1985, with the support of the Pró-Arte of Brasilia, she established the Ballet of Brasilia, that she directs since then and has been responsible for the formation of the best dancers in the city.

In 1991 she created the Brasilia International Dance Seminar, unique annual event in the world for congregating academic characteristics to the ones of a festival and competition of dance. Counting on a exceptional international teaching staff, the festival has attracted thousand of dancers, students and teachers of the country and abroad. The event granted in these 12 years more than 200 scholarships, stages and contracts to the young Brazilian dancers for perfectioning in the exterior, in famous ballet institutions and companies, beyond expressive awarding in cash.

In 1991 she was invited by the Fulbright Foundation to visit the United States for 6 months, having visited, given Master classes and choreographed for companies in universities and in dance institutions all over the country.

In 1992 she was chosen by Uwe Scholz, between innumerable international candidates, to be Maître de Ballet of the Opera of Leipzig (Germany). She returned to Brazil in 1994, assuming the Coordination of Cultural Interchange of the Secretariat of Culture and Sport of the Federal District, position that she exerted up to 1999.

Having participated in the creation of the scholarship APARTES for CAPES, she was consulting for this agency and the CNPq for concession of scholarships and doctorate in foreign countries.

She is representative for Latin America of the National Federacy Interprofissional of Dance of France. Founder of the Cultural Association Claudio Santoro established in 1989 in homage of the brazilian conductor and composer.