Catalogue Help

Claudio Santoro

The first 13 sections of this Catalogue separate the majority of the works of Claudio Santoro exclusively in accordance to its vocal and/or instrument formations; the sections 14 to 20 consider the specific functions of the other works.
The first column is reserved to the code that indicates, uniquely, each work. The code is composed of two elements, separate by a point: the first element, to the left, informs the number of the section of the catalogue where the work is inserted; the second informs the number of order of the work in the section.
In the cases of cycles of work congregated under one exactly general heading, the code is, immediately, followed by parentheses containing number's that inform:
  • or the amount of works that the cycle contains. The code 1.15 (1-7) informs that the work whose general heading is codified in 1.15 is a cycle that includes seven sub-headings, which are, in general, considered as independent. In the case of two numbers in the parentheses, this indicates the amount of works and are separate by hyphen (-);
  • or one of the enclosed works in the general heading. The code 1.15 (3) relates, uniquely to the third work of the codified cycle as 1.15 (1-7);
  • or two or more works of a cycle. The code 1.15 (3/5-7) relates to four of the seven works of the codified cycle as 1.15 (1-7), to know: third, fifth, sixth and seventh work. In this case the separation bar (/) indicates: this and that work; the separation by hyphen (-) indicates: of the previous work until the posterior work.

The codes serve, also, for remissions of a work for another one, in the interior of the Catalogue, independently of the sections where they are codified.

The second column brings some groups of information; each one of these groups appears in a different line, in the following order:
  • title (and, eventually, sub-title);
  • text;
  • dedicated to;
  • first performance;
  • transcription (abbreviation trsc.), when the work has a transcription, made by the composer. The transcribing work is indicated by its code;
  • comments (abbreviation: obs.)
  • publisher;
  • original (abbreviation orig.), when the work is a transcription, made by the composer, of work of his authorship. The original work is indicated by its code;

When the work does not have referring information to one of these groups, the abbreviation that indicates it does not appear in the second column. Thus, the absence of the abbreviation "trsc." indicates that the composer did not make any transcription of the piece.
Third, fourth and fifth columns are dedicated to other specific information.

General list of abbreviations:
trsc. - transcription
obs: - comments
MS - manuscript