Cultural Association Claudio Santoro


The Cultural Association Claudio Santoro is a civil institution without lucrative ends, of cultural and educational character, with proper corporate entity, having as objective to preserve the memory and to promote the cult to the workmanship of the teacher, professor and composer Claudio Santoro, as well as fomenting the Culture in all its manifestations.

Informally established in Brasilia soon after the disappearance of its protector in 1989, it was officialized in 11 of March of 1995 for detached personalities of the cultural life and politics of our country, that had chosen as President of the institution insigne amazonense, Senator Bernardo Cabral. The current president of this institution is Dr. Roberto Macedo de Siqueira.

For the recovery work, maintenance, writing and diffusion of the gigantic musical workmanship of Claudio Santoro, it financed the installation of its headquarters of a recording studio under the direction of Raffaello Santoro, (son of the composer), and it organizes the "Santoro Archive", of music scores and writings.

It is promotional, in partnership with the Secretariat of Culture and Sport of the Federal District, the International Dance Seminar of Brasilia - considered only in the world for its characteristics and one of most important of the area in the country. The event in year 2003 reached its 13ª edition, having in all its granted trajectory about 230 Scholarships for appraised institutions of education as well as periods of training and contracts in the exterior for young Brazilian dancers, beyond more than R$150.000.00 in prizes in species and international tickets. In this area the project is also distinguished "Dances to Live/Live to Dance" , that it authorizes lessons of dance the devoid children and adolescents or in situation of risk.

Between its innumerable activities it has special relevance the maintenance of the Ballet of Brasilia and the support the initiatives of social character. The promotion of tournées of concerts of Brazilian artists, writings of erudite and popular music are also distinguished, as well as the accomplishment of cultural events in our country and abroad.
Cultural Association Claudio Santoro
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