14 Opera / Music for Scenic Action

*observation: many of the original titles have been translated into English

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Code Title Time Year City, Country Price Instrument
14.01 Alma
dedicated to: Gisčle Santoro;
obs: opera in 4 acts based on the 1st part of the trilogy of Oswald de Andrade's "Os Condenados";
libretto by Claudio Santoro;
Alma (mezzo), joung;
J. Carmo (tenor);
Lucas (bass), grandfather of Alma;
Mauro (bariton or actor);
work commisioned by the Education Secretary of the State Săo Paulo
2’50 24-01-1985 Teresópolis, Brazil on request 1st version orchestra; 2nd version:strings, guitar solo, electronic music, choir, amplified choir behind the stage, 2 Bar, 1 Mezzo or Alto, Bass or Baritono, 1 Actor (Sprechgesang)
14.02 Paródia
first performance by soprano Sonia Born; viola Georg Scheuermann;piano Elza Kazuko Gushiken; outros instrumentos E. Teraza; music of scenic action; obs: work commisioned by Sonia Born and Georg Scheuermann
8’00 1982 €50.00 voice, viola, other instruments ad lib. (piano , perc)
14.03 Zé Brasil
obs: Idealized from the "Abertura" poem 13.09; in the Savart catalogue are announced 2 songs for bass and piano of the opera for marionettes "Zé Brazil";
lost work,
manuscript unfinished;
1954/55 not available